In 1991, I purchased an old 1929 MODEL A Roadster that had been in a fire. The afternoon after I brought the totally rusted MODEL A home, I went to the local vintage parts supplier and purchased one of each book they had on restoring MODEL A's. One of the first things I wanted to do during the restoration process was to put on the hydraulic brakes. I spent a considerable amount of time reading every article I could about putting hydraulic brakes on the MODEL A. In conclusion I decided there had to be a better way. I will always remember it was one Friday evening, with sketch pad in hand I pulled a chair next to the chassis and started sketching the Master Cylinder Adapter. After sketching, came the Balsa wood model which performed very well. Finally came the detailed drawings for manufacturing. Since I own a manufacturing company, the production of the Master Cylinder Adapter was the easy part. The design criteria for this product and all of our products has been that you do not modify anything on the original MODEL A and the design of modern technology must flow with the era.

Even though I purchased a glass bead machine and cleaned all the parts I planned to use, marketing the hydraulic brake system consumed my time. I set up a corporation in 1992 and since then have been selling products. Besides the initial products of Master Cylinder Adapter, Hydraulic Brake line, Emergency Brakes, plus some miscellaneous parts needed to accommodate the backing plates, I recently produced two new products. The first is an overdrive shifter to be used with the Mitchell overdrive and the other a pulley system using a serpentine belt that increases horsepower while reducing vibration. I also do machining on the back plates but never seem to have time for my original restoration project. I guess at age 57, I still have a lot of time for that. Regardless of what I accomplish, quality is and has always been my utmost concern.

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