V8 Transmission Adapter Kit for Model A (right hand drive) (Product Code:2000)

For conversion use FORD V8 transmission from 1932 – 1939 to your MODEL A. This transmission is very strong, especially when you put more horsepower into your engine for touring. It was designed for approximately 125 horsepower so it’s very tough. A great advantage is it has a synchronizer for easier shifting, no more double clutching and now your wife can drive your MODEL A.

The V8 Transmission Adapter Kit is manufactured on modern CNC equipment and with the superb quality Cling’s always produces.
The adapter kit consists of the following 5 components:
  • cast aluminum transmission adapter
  • clutch and brake pedal mount
  • throw out bearing shaft
  • emergency brake lever mount
  • wishbone mount
  • .
    Price: $821.00