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Products (1946-48) Price
Brake Shoe Floating Insert (Product Code:2028) $6.00
Anchor Plate (Product Code:2030) $7.00
Return Spring (Product Code:2035) $6.00
Emergency Brake Arm R.H. (Product Code:2103) $45.00
Emergency Brake Arm L.H. (Product Code:2104) $45.00
Pin Short (Emergency Brake Pivot) (Product Code:2105) $5.00
Pin Long (Emergency Brake Pivot) (Product Code:2107) $5.50
Emergency Brake Linkage R.H (Product Code:2108) $45.00
Emergency Brake Linkage L.H. (Product Code:2109) $45.00
Emergency Brake Spring Retainer (Product Code:2113) $6.50
Brake Shoe Retainer Clip (Product Code:2125) $6.00
Baffle (Product Code:2240) $10.00
Brake Shoe Adjustor Cam Bolt (Product Code:4105) $15.00
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